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Simple – the interview packed delivers results in a matter of days. It is also the only course in the world so effective that nearly all readers see results. In a single experiment of interview, resume, and negotiation techniques, the average hire rate increased nearly 200%. Known only by the highest universities for the last 5 years, the course is now available to the general public for the first time. The course is the only system to be called the fastest and most scientific job landing program in the world. The most popular “job searching” programs are based on disproven techniques, involving the subconscious and new-age psuedoscience. Basic research immediately discredits these approaches, which ignore the most basic scientific fact. Landing jobs is about personal connection. 

See our unpaid testimonials page for feedback from people who have used these ineffective programs prior to this. This course, in contrast, was developed by analyzing interviewing techniques and success rates of top performers.

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